Hiking tour medium

A minimum of orientation is required. High (ankles reaching) hiking, trekking or mountaineering boots with good grip are recommended. A trail map of each area is to take with. Of course, you should be able to read the map.
There are some parts of difficult mountain trails and alpine steep tracks, which are secured in exposed places with ropes, synthetic steps, ladders, and so on. You need your hands to move and support balance. The trail is not always viewable. There could be places where you could slip off. For example gravel roads, cliffy grass sloping, rocky or rugged terrain.

ountain hiking trails, some surefootedness is sometimes necessary. The paths are mostly above the valley floor. You come to steep steps, narrow points and cross water courses. Earthy tubs due to flooding can also be found here.
A minimum level of orientation is required. Hiking, trekking and mountain shoes with good tread soles reaching over the ankles are recommended. A hiking map of the respective area is to be taken with you. Of course, you have to master “card reading”.


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